ADVANCE for Health Information Professionals


Closing the Data Gap

As we look forward and consider the costs of the regulatory move to ICD-10, some nagging questions remain.

In case you missed it:
- Protecting Health Information
- Imaging Coding Contrast

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An HIM Director had a vision to create a paperless environment. At the time, the hospital’s hybrid record environment caused a lag in the facility’s chart turnaround time. Scanning and indexing inpatient charts often took five days, which resulted in delays enterprise wide.


Coders discuss ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding for Acinetobacter Baumannii, and take a look at hypothyroidism.  See the answers here.

Predictive Analytics

Modeling solutions can help deliver better care, improve bottom lines and adapt to reforms.  Learn more.

Clinical Documentation Improvement

Hospitals are thinking about their clinical documentation improvement plan (CDI) but not about their employed physicians.  Keep reading here.