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ICD-10 Pitfalls

Without the right tools and a clear roadmap, organizations can easily veer off track and never reach their intended goal - i.e., a successful transition. We've compiled 13 pitfalls that can potentially trap organizations.  Click here to learn more.

When discussing decentralized records scanning, many HIM Directors are concerned with having non-HIM staff handling the digitization of paper medical records. The concern is valid. After all, HIM departments have been largely responsible for the quality of the patient chart for years.

Part 3 - 2013 Salary Survey Results

Take a look at the final installment of this three part series to learn more about how time in the profession, time at a current job and the credentials you hold affect average HIM salaries.  Find more here.

New CTRs in 2013

In 2013, 495 candidates took the CTR exam - a 32.7% total increase compared to 2012. Overall, 77% of the 2013 candidates passed the exam. There are now 5,089 CTR-credentialed professionals.  Read more.

5 Misconceptions of EHRs in Clinical Trials

What you need to realize is that the HIPAA rules are in place to help, not hurt, clinical trial progress. There are multiple misconceptions preventing the entire pharmaceutical industry from taking advantage of...  Keep reading.