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Kailos Genetics and TapGenes Establish Partnership

Kailos Genetics, a personalized medicine information company offering gene-based testing, has announced a partnership with TapGenes, a technology platform offering families the ability to crowdsource their health information. Kailos and TapGenes are combining capabilities to give people the tools needed to easily exchange critical health information acquired through genetic testing. This includes gauging the risk of breast cancer or understanding the effectiveness of certain medications among family members.

By leveraging family health history, a person improves the chance of detecting an inherited medical condition by 20% compared to just referencing medical records. The TapGenes Family Health Tree gives users a centralized platform to store and share health information - such as their genetic data results from the Kailos test - allowing them to see and understand hereditary health trends. The partnership provides simple yet secure means of communication among family members to discuss crucial health data that can impact individual healthcare.

"We are excited to work with Kailos Genetics to empower patients with health information," said Diana Massey, chief operating officer at TapGenes. "By providing convenient access to genetic and phenotypic data, patients and doctors can proactively tailor health plans based on hereditary patterns. This can include assessing risk of breast cancer or ensuring medicine dosage is correct based on genetics."

Once consumers upload genetic health information, a broader picture of how their DNA and hereditary health benefits or risks can impact family members is generated through the secure platform. Patients can then control who has access to their personal data. For Kailos, genetic test results will only be shared with the individual and their approved physician.

"It's our goal to help people better understand their health so they can live healthier lives. Collaborating with TapGenes enables us to do this through giving people a map that securely reveals genetic information, family history lineage and personal data," said Troy Moore, chief scientific officer at Kailos Genetics.

Kailos Genetics is a trusted provider of personalized health information. Addressing unmet needs of healthcare consumers and their families is Kailos' primary reason for being. With its proprietary and robust DNA sequencing enrichment and laboratory information system, TargetRichTM, Kailos helps make personalized medicine affordable and accessible for everyone through the Kailos test. Founded in 2010, and based in Huntsville's HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, Kailos is committed to providing a simple, trusted and affordable way to help individuals understand what's in their genes.

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